Winter is here!

Winter means one big thing in our nursery and that's bare root trees.  We have received the majority of our bare root ornamental trees and fruit trees for the season with lots of varieties available.  We also have berries available and of course, roses.

If you are wishing to plant apples, pears, stone fruits etc this is the best time and also the most cost effective way of doing so.  If you have never planted bare root trees before we have a guide on the website or you can pick up a leaflet from us in person. 

Winter is also a great time to prune back many of deciduous trees.  However, sometimes it  is better to wait until late in winter when the frosts are abating.  It has been quite a frosty winter so far!  Also, if you are pruning back blossoming trees you are better off waiting until after flowering in Spring.

If you need any advice on pruning or anything else plant related just call up or in and ask us. 





 Winter is here.

Winter is here.