We have a good climate for conifers and stock a wide range for customers to choose from. With some varieties slow growing its hard to keep up with the demand.  

Medium to large growing Conifers good for hedging, windbreaks and screening include Leighton Greens (planted in the correct position and maintained, leighton greens make a very effective windbreak or hedge) Cupressus torulosa, Cedrus deodara, Thuja plicata, Juniperus Spartan and Thuja smaragd.

Columnar conifers include, Cupressus Nitschkes Needle, Glauca and Stricta.  Juniperus Blue Arrow and Skyrocket. Cephalotaxus.

Deciduous conifers that provide great Autumn colour are Gingko bioloba, Taxodium and Larix.

Many grafted conifers are available ranging in colours and sizes. Species include, Abies, Cedrus, Pinus and Picea.

Ground cover conifers can be a great weed suppressant and can cover areas quickly.