There is nothing better than growing your own food.  It's not just that you have produced something, it also tastes so much better fresh off your plant than from a supermarket shelf.  You do need patience and time, but will enjoy the results.  We supply most of our fruiting trees and berries during winter from late May until Late August unless sold out.

You will be surprised at just what you can grow in the Highlands with many varieties available. 

Apples, Cherries, Pears and Plums will require cross pollinators. (some varieties of Cherries and Plum are self fertile also)

One male kiwi fruit will pollinate up to six female plants.

Peach, Apricot, Fig, Medlar, Persimmon, Loquat, Plum, Quince, Nectarine, Almonds and Chestnuts are self fertile and will produce fruit on their own.

Berry varieties include - Blueberries, Raspberries, Thornless Blackberry, Loganberry, Mulberry and Gooseberries.  Some of the berries are limited in availability so it is best to order them early in the season.

Citrus is usually available from September until April.  We suggest planting in the warmer months so they have a chance to settle in before the cooler weather arrives.  They like a hot spot away from the cold winds. You can protect them in Winter for the first few seasons by covering at night with some frost cloth. They are heavy feeders so regular fertilise early Spring, Summer and Autumn is recommended.

Olives are usually available all year round and also make a great shade tree or screening plant.