There are many plants that can be used as hedging plants.  There is something for every site.  Below is a list of the plants we think are the best for screening and hedging.

BUXUS sempervirens (English), japonica (Japanese) and microphylla x microphylla (Korean)  English Box is a great plant for a formal hedge.  Traditionally this is the type of Box used for topiaries.  Japanese Box is a faster grower than the English and better to grow in Sydney and other somewhat humid areas.  Korean Box is a small growing box with a more informal and 'shaggy' look to it. 

CAMELLIA sasanqua - Very versatile with dark green glossy leaves.  Will grow in full sun and part to even full shade. A great choice for those variable light spots in the garden.

CITRUS spp. - Although usually planted as individual trees Citrus can be planted as an interesting hedging alternative.  Best grown in full sun in a warm spot in your garden.

ELAEAGNUS -  Olive green, fast growing, insignificant small scented white flower.

FEIJOA sellowiana - Olive green foliage with lovely red flowers. Will bear a delicious fruit once established.  Suitable for sunny spots in the garden.

PHOTINIA  robusta- Glossy red/bronze new growth turning to green. Small white flowers in spring.

PHOTINIA Red Robin - Smaller growing, darker red new growth.

PITTOSPORUM - Very fast growing screening and hedging plant. Varieties include:

                           Green pillar - Lime green foliage up to 3 mtrs.

                           Silver sheen - darker green up to 6 mtrs.

                           Ivory sheen - Cream & green variegation  

                           Golden sheen - Gold & green variegation.

                           Eugenioides variegatum - large green & white leaf.  

                           Smaller growing varieties include Golf Ball and Hole in one.

TEUCRIUM fruticans - Fast growing low hedging plant with grey foliage and a small pale violet flower. 

Other plants good for hedging include - Abelia, Carpinus, Escallonia, Lavender, Magnolia The Fairy and Scented Pearl, Rosemary, Spiraea, Viburnum & Westringia