Deciduous trees are at their best in climates with defined seasons. That is the Highlands. Some times those seasons can all happen in one day. With great Autumn colour and masses of spring flowers it can be hard to decide what to get.

Larger trees that are good for shade & shelter, driveway planting or just for a nice specimen tree include: Acer rubrum, Betula, Fraxinus, Gleditsia, Liquidamber, Liriodendron, Nyssa, Platanus, Poplars, Pyrus, Quercus, Tilia & Zelkova.

Flowering trees include: Cherries, Crabapples & Plums.

Some more special varieties are: Cornus (dogwoods), Magnolias, Styrax, Pseudocydonea, Corylopsis, Cercis and Fagus.

Evergreen trees for the highlands are limited because of our cold climate.  Some that do well are, Magnolia Little Gem, Kay Parris and Teddy Bear. Fraxinus griffithii (Evergreen Ash). Schinus (peppercorn tree).  You can also grow Pittosporum and Photinia into great shade trees.