Gardeners tend to be an optimistic lot! You have to be as you are planting for the future. Even with the drought still on in NSW many of us are out there happily planting. Whether we’re creating new garden beds or putting extra plants into existing beds we’re busy getting on with it.

Now that we’ve had some nice rain with more to follow (hopefully!) our optimism has been rewarded.

But the weather is certainly drier than in the past so it is good to be prepared. The more trees and shrubs you have in your garden the more drought proof it will be. Might sound counter intuitive but you are creating a micro climate with all the plants in your garden working with each other. Trees and large shrubs are especially important as they provide shelter and shade for the smaller plants and lessen the need for watering.

Deciduous trees are especially valuable in gardens in the Southern Highlands where we have cold winters but often hot and dry summers. We want the sun in the winter but shade in the summer. This will create a comfortable and relaxing garden and house to live in.

So, don’t be afraid to get out into the garden. It’s good for you!

Rain…now more than ever..much appreciated!

Rain…now more than ever..much appreciated!

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