Winter is here…finally and yes, it hit with a vengeance!

The recent downfall of rain was a welcome relief to the constant dry and needless to say we need more, more, more.

Wintertime in the garden is a great time for tidying up broken branches and fallen leaves. Leaves can be put into the compost bin or spread as mulch under trees or even put into the chook coop. Remember though to throw out any leaves that may be harbouring diseases such as black spot.

If you have an Elm tree that has been affected by the Elm Leaf Beetle clear away mulch from around the bottom of the tree and throw this in the bin. The insect lays its eggs at the bottom of the tree where they lie over the winter ready to hatch in spring at the base of their food source. This isn’t all you will have to do to prevent damage but it’s a good start.

One of the best things about winter in the garden is now is the time to buy and plant bare root trees and roses. We have received our tree orders and most of our roses. Below is a list of what we have or are expecting but please contact us for availability as they sell fast.

Winter is here!

Winter is here!