Spring is here. Blossoms continue to put on a good show and will continue to do so for a while yet. Many bulbs that were planted earlier in the year are now blooming. Tulips will be coming out soon too…just in time for the Tulip Time festival in Bowral!

Now is the time to trim back roses if you haven’t already done so. Spray with lime sulphur afterwards to help prevent fungal problems.

Spring is a period of great growth in the garden so make sure you water your garden enough. After watering is the best time to lay mulch down to help prevent evaporation from the soil. And don’t forget to give plants a good feed with fertiliser.

If you have an Elm tree that has been affected by the Elm Leaf Beetle now is the time that the larva will be making its way up the tree to munch away on those leaves. Stop them in their tracks by banding the tree. If it is an old tree banding may not be a viable option and you may have to employ someone to treat it systemically with injections into the trunk.

If you are planting out vegies already keep an eye on the weather reports. Frosts still occur in the Southern Highlands into October so throw a frost cloth over any tender plants if frosts are predicted.

Happy Gardening!!

Spring is not just in the air…it’s here!

Spring is not just in the air…it’s here!